Some Admin features planned for development:

CPD Compliance Groups

Admins should be able to create CPD Compliance Groups into which they can place users.

Users can be assigned to one or more compliance groups and then be able to report on their compliance for each group.

From the member’s perspective this feature may satisfy, to some extent, the requirement to implement a CPD plan - a requirement of some organisations.

Reflections on Activities

Members should be able to input their own reflection in relation to a specific activity, as required by many organisations.

However, the process of free input of reflection statements can be tedious and will vary in quality. Even more important is the fact that the information is useless, at least in a data sense.

A better way may be to define a series of questions in relation to activity types and have the user answer, and possible score each of these once the activity has been completed.

For example:

Activity was useful and interesting [1-5]
Activity will improve my professional practice [1-5]
Activity will lead me to further investigate this topic [1-5]

Implementing a reflection survey will generate valuable statistics for the CPD program providers. Scores for engagement or relevance parameters will enable the program to be better tuned to the needs of the users.


Admins should be able to perform audits of CPD activity claims made by members.

The audit feature should allow for a targeted audit of an individual, as well as a random selection of eligible members.


The LMS should allow for the composition of units & courses from stand-alone modules. That is, a Course is comprised of one-to-many Units, and a Unit is made up of one-to-many Modules.

It should also be possible to prescribe the order in which the modules are to be completed. as well as any pre-requisites required.

Rules may include:

  • Prescribed order of modules
  • Time frames - before or after a specified date
  • Minimum standards / scores for self-assessment tasks
  • Limits on the number of attempts